Spectros Instruments Public Access

Downloads on this page are for use with Spectros Instruments devices only. They offer no other purpose. As such, they are not heavily downloaded, so you might see alerts regarding their validity.

If you have any questions about these downloads or risks involved with using them, please contact our service department

Calibration Verification Tool

Windows application for updating the calibration clock on Spectros Instruments handheld units. Use this after recording your calibration on the web site.

Instructional Videos are available at our public download site.


Datalogger Configuration Tool

Network configuration application for MultiZone Units. Use this to connect your Spectros MultiZone monitor to a WiFi hotspot. This application runs on Windows.

Version 4.0

This version is for PHEC and Web-DL units.

Download v4.0

Version 3.0

This version is for Multizone Monitors.

Download v3.0

Version 4.0

This version is for early Multizone Monitors. It is unlikely you need this version. It is here only for use at the suggestion of a Spectros technician.

Download v2.0